• People without electrification who lack a safe, dependable, inexpensive light source
• People with unreliable electrical power who require a backup light
• Emergency lighting for home, work, or travel
• Disaster relief and use in temporary housing, shelters, clinics
• Promoting reading, education, economic activity, and sustainable development


• World’s best quality LED light: soft-white, no flickering, 360° without shadows
• Light filament lasts for up to 50,000+ hours: 15+ years of reliable light for daily use
• Can be charged with solar panel or through wall outlet (110-220v) Net zero carbon footprint (carbon offsets, manufactured to be reusable and recyclable)
• Safer than kerosene, propane, candlelight, or firelight (which are all highly toxic for indoor use, and which injure or kill thousands annually)
• Many times more light than kerosene, candlelight, or firelight
• Rugged design: much more durable than the competition
• Providing light to change the lives of families and villages worldwide